Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Hospital Stay

After the shock of finding out Victor has cystic fibrosis, things went pretty well. We made laminated charts for his medicines and physiotherapy, which hang on Victor's bedroom wall and we tick off each item on the charts every day. Once he started the enzymes, the difference was amazing and immediate. His strange poo changed over the course of just a few hours to being completely normal-looking. I couldn't believe how quickly it worked!

We went back to the hospital the next week for a check up. We weighed him (putting on weight very nicely!) and then saw the doctor. I mentioned that he had coughed a few times during the week and had heard (and felt) a distinct 'rattle' in his chest. The doctor listened and agreed with me, and he decided we should admit Victor immediately. Being so little, we didn't want any infection to get a hold of him so we decided the best thing would be to start IV antibiotics right away and 'nip it in the bud'.

I was pretty shocked, so I didn't really process this at all. Our lovely nurse said 'It's ok, you're allowed to cry!' and I just said 'Nope, I'm good.' I really didn't know what to say or think or do. I was told he could be in hospital for two to three weeks. All I could think about was logistics and what we would do with Felix for that length of time and how could we work things out so that someone was always with Victor but we weren't neglecting Felix.

Victor and I went upstairs to the infants' ward and got settled in. My Mum went home with Felix and gave him dinner and picked up some items for me. Phil came straight to the hospital from work.

Victor had an IV placed in his foot after trying both hands. Unfortunately the IV clotted before we could use it and it could not be fixed so out it came and another one went in: they tried his elbow and then finally got it into his other foot. He received antibiotics through this as well as a normal drip to prevent it clotting again.

He did really well overnight and the next day we were able to go home! It was a much shorter visit than we anticipated which is good. He is now on oral antibiotics and will be for quite a while. This is to prevent any bacteria from growing in his lungs.

I think everyone was completely exhausted after the hospital stay and we spent the weekend recuperating. It did also make us a bit paranoid about exposing Victor to illness as we saw just how dangerous it can be for him.

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