Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweat Test Results

I just got the results back from Victor's sweat test, which he had last week. The chloride level in his sweat is 100 mmol/L, which is definitely a positive result for cystic fibrosis.

For babies under six months, a chloride level of:
Equal to or less than 29 mmol/L = CF very unlikely;
30-59 mmol/L = intermediate, means that CF is possible;
Greater than or equal to 60 mmol/L = CF is likely to be diagnosed.

This is the result we were expecting, so that just means that treatment can continue as before. A higher chloride level does not indicate severity. Now we've done all the tests and can say with certainty that Victor has cystic fibrosis. We've done DNA testing, the sweat test and he exhibits symptoms.

Aside from that, everything is fine. Felix has been waking up way too early the past few days and has been really grumpy as a result. It's raining here today so I sent him out in the back yard with an umbrella and he was pretty impressed with that! Victor has had a bit of a blocked nose for a few days but his doctor said that was ok as long as he doesn't start coughing.

Felix is VERY excited that his Grandma is coming to visit all the way from America in a few days! When I was putting him to bed tonight we were reading a book about cars/planes/trucks. He pointed to the plane and said "Grandma coming on the aeroplane, and donuts, and go in the car, and Felix house, and play, and movies!" I don't know how the donuts got in there but he clearly thinks there will be donuts involved somehow!

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