Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yucky Bugs in my House

Well it had to happen eventually...Phil and Felix both got the flu. It was pretty bad. They both had high fevers and bad coughs and were completely miserable. Phil didn't want to get close to Victor in case he caught it too, which is understandable, but it did mean things were very difficult for about a week. Felix was so ill and giving him medicine is a major undertaking. He was very teary all week, hot and uncomfortable and sleepy. I did manage to get some children's nurofen in him a few times which was quite effective but it did involve me either hiding it in yogurt (worked once and that was it) or, unfortunately, pinning him down and squirting it in his mouth a little bit at a time via syringe. A little bit at a time so he didn't spit the whole lot out in one go.

The whole time they were sick we were very worried that Victor could catch it. I was trying to wash my hands frequently and keep Felix's clean too, but seriously what is the point when he goes and sneezes DIRECTLY in Victor's face. Or coughs in his face. I tried my absolute best to keep him away but he was just trying to give his baby brother kisses. I was constantly moving him away, telling him to catch his coughs, explaining that we don't want baby getting sick too etc but there is only so much a tired, flu-ridden two year old can understand and remember.

For a few days I don't think we got off the couch...Felix wanted to be held because he was sick, Victor wanted to be held because he's a baby, and the housework just piled up around us.

But it's ok, we got through it! We are all healthy now. And the amazing thing is that Victor did not catch it! Not even a sniffle. Despite the germs being blasted right in his face. I am so relieved! And I am so happy that we are all feeling better now.

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