Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CT and Bronchoscopy Results

This post has been a long time coming because I have a photo to go with it, but it seems to have been lost on the magical Apple 'Cloud' so I will update this entry when I find it, or just take another one!

So this is just to update everyone about the results of Victor's CT scan and bronchoscopy.

His lungs are looking really good, the CT images show that his lungs look normal with no areas of damage. They did not find any bugs during the bronchoscopy which is great news! He is keeping healthy.

He has also started on 'people food', baby rice cereal with fruit puree stirred through. So far he does not like banana but he loves the rice cereal and has been having it with apple, pear and cinnamon stirred through. He has it once a day for lunch.

Felix has been toilet training this week! He has been ready for ages but with everything going on I sort of forgot about it. We officially started yesterday, for the first time ever he agreed to wear underwear instead of a nappy. We've had lots of accidents and I expect many more but he has definitely realised what's going on now and today we had our first success! In fact, he has been taking himself to the potty all day but unfortunately he is so convinced that he has to wear underwear that he won't take it off to sit on the potty...but at least the right thing is happening in the right place!

I also received a delivery of the study drug (either an antibiotic or placebo) that Victor will be starting next week. This weekend I will get myself organized with it and read through all the paperwork again.

But something more fun is that we are planning to go to Disney World next year! I can't wait and have been spending a lot of time on the Disney website, going through our Disney travel books, watching the Planning DVDs and looking at planning websites. Yes I might be a little bit obsessed...there will probably be a 'planning file' created at some point in the very near future and a complete printed and bound itinerary of the trip, finished off with Disney font and photos from our last trip. Sad, I know!

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