Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eat the Food, Victor!

The thing about babies and children is that as soon as you think you have things figured out, they go and change everything on you. This can sometimes be an improvement, but in my experience it very rarely is.

Victor had been eating his solid food very well. He has three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was eating a variety of food, including meat, fish and dairy. We had just started adding butter and a hint of salt to his food for added calorie content and to get him used to the taste of salt as he will always need to follow a high calorie, high salt diet. 

I had been adding either one or half a teaspoon of butter to his pureed foods to make them contain 4g of fat. This way he could have one full scoop of his enzymes to digest the fat. Everything had been going really well, he was happily eating his food and things were great.

Then, of course, he suddenly decided that he was not going to eat his food any more. I figured it would be best to not make a big deal about it, especially since he's still breastfed and had no aversion to his milk. But the refusal to eat went on for days; probably almost a week. This normally wouldn't greatly concern me, except that I was giving him his enzymes before feeding him and he wouldn't eat. Surely it's not good for him to have all those enzymes with no fat to digest?

So I had a bit of a freak out about the whole situation. He is showing signs of being every bit as stubborn as the rest of the family which really shouldn't be a surprise. I tried getting in contact with his dietician on Friday, but she was busy all day and finally called me back just as she was leaving work, and of course I missed the call. So after a really frustrating weekend of Victor not eating anything at all (except his milk), I finally got in contact with her on Monday. 

His dietician's advice was to treat the food refusal as a phase. She asked if he had been unwell, which he hadn't been, although what I saw in his nappy on Monday morning could only be described as an abomination. She said perhaps his tummy had been a bit upset recently (although he had been his happy, usual self, sleeping well etc). She also said to cut back on the amount of fat I was adding to his food because it could be a bit too much right now, and we will slowly build it back up over time.

I tried giving him some yogurt for breakfast. At first he started to get upset when he realised I was going to feed him, but then once he actually tasted it he stopped fussing and decided that food was actually pretty good after all! He ate half the bowl that I gave him; less than he was previously having, but a huge improvement from the past few days. After that, he's been back to eating. He is still having less at each meal than he once was, and I am adding only half the amount of butter or oil to make it up to 2g of fat (half a scoop of enzymes) but at least he is eating again.

I am also wondering if perhaps he wants more texture in his food? I was eating a muffin the other day (cheese and bacon, made by Felix!) and holding Victor on my lap at the same time. He made it pretty difficult to actually eat it because he kept grabbing it and trying to put it in his mouth. I realise he does that to everything, edible or not, but I decided to give him a little taste anyway. He went crazy for it so I let him have a few more miniature bites (he ate such a small amount that there was no need for enzymes). Tonight he just about threw himself headfirst into my plate of chicken stir fry so I gave him some grains of rice and he did manage to eat them and seemed to quite enjoy it. 

Felix with his cheese and bacon muffins!
Felix has been busy doing lots of Halloween craft; so far we have made a monster head from an old Milo tin and a lantern with Halloween silhouette shapes on it. We have a few more projects to make, so we will be pretty busy for the next few days. I will post photos once everything is done!

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