Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween! My second favourite holiday, even if it's not widely celebrated here in Australia.

I have been going on and on about Felix's Halloween craft, and we have been working on it all month. Finally I will show you what he's been busy making!

The first thing he made was Frankenstein's Monster. This was made from an empty Milo tin. He painted it green and glued on one eye, tissue paper hair and drew on a mouth and arms with a Sharpie. I added teeth so the mouth was distinguishable. If we ever make this again, I think it would be good to add lots more 'bits', perhaps sticky dots for spots, bolts on the side of the head, etc.

This guy originally had two eyes, but Felix decided he was better with one. The whims of a two year old!

The next thing we made was a glass lantern. I'm really happy how this turned out. Felix glued strips of orange tissue paper to the outside of a clean glass jar, and I cut out Halloween-themed silhouettes for him to stick on. We placed a tea light candle inside and it looks really effective.

A bit blurry, but you can see how it looks with a candle inside.

Our final craft was really made by me, as I underestimated how tricky this was. I also don't have either a guillotine or a hot glue gun, so this is held together with kids' craft glue, a fair whack of sticky tape on the inside and willpower.

Then it was pumpkin carving time! We don't have a pumpkin carving kit available here in Australia (at least, nowhere I've ever seen) so we have to try our best with the regular kitchen knives. We decided on a Jack Skellington design (from The Nightmare Before Christmas). Felix was pretty convinced that he needed to eat the pumpkin.

Finally, Halloween day! The day was pretty slow to begin with as for the most part it was just an ordinary day with Phil at work. I figured I would get lots done during Victor's long after-lunch nap, but of course this was the one day where he refused to sleep in his cot...meaning I had to hold him the whole time. It made me wonder if he was catching the cold that is making its way through my house, but he seemed fine in the afternoon so I guess he just needed a cuddle. Felix and I watched The Corpse Bride to fit with the theme of the day!

Felix the robot.

This meant that the afternoon was a mad rush to get everything done, but we got there (mostly)! I made Felix a robot costume from my cardboard stash and Al foil, with a little aluminium pie dish and sparkly pipe cleaner for his hat and antennae. I didn't really have time or supplies to make a costume for Victor, but luckily he had a few little outfits that did the job, so he got to be Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

Victor in his Star Trek uniform! He was pretty tired and cranky by this point.

When Phil got home, we had a Halloween-themed dinner. It consisted of Blood Soup (that would be tomato), Spider Spaghetti (spaghetti with hot-dog 'spiders' in it) and Jelly Worms for dessert. The 'blood' soup came straight from the can, as I know my limits and knew I would not have time for elaborate cooking. The spaghetti spiders were from an idea I had seen on the Internet a few months ago, and I think the concept is cute for Halloween but unfortunately they were fairly disgusting. Felix ate them though. The Jelly Worms were also something I had seen online, but I didn't follow the recipe exactly (should have added cream to make the worms opaque) and they were really difficult and fiddly to prepare. But they still tasted like jelly!

Spider Spaghetti

The kids are in bed and we are relaxing in front of the Simpson's Halloween Specials, eating all the chocolate we bought for potential trick-or-treaters (none, of course!). And I am thinking of ideas for next Halloween...bigger, better and a bit more organization!

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