Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Illness and a General Update

Phil and Felix have both caught a cold again. It's nowhere near as bad as when they caught the flu, but I am still trying to keep Victor healthy and away from the germs. So far Felix's symptoms seem to just be a really runny nose and a fair bit of sneezing, and he was up a bit last night because it's hard to sleep when you can't breathe through your nose. I'm hoping Victor's preventative antibiotics will help him stay healthy. Since he is also on vitamin and mineral supplements, breastfed and definitely getting his fruit and veg in every day, he's probably the healthiest out of all of us!

Victor has also started rolling on his own! On Sunday he rolled from his back to his tummy while playing with his little baby play gym. He was so proud of himself, once he was on his tummy he gave us all big gummy grins and kicked his little legs around like crazy! He has been trying to roll for a little while and has been able to get almost all the way over, but his arm has always been in the way so he has just popped right back over again every time. Finally he figured out what to do with that arm.

In other news, I have started exercising because I realised that I don't have any excuse not to! I don't have any illnesses or injuries, there is no reason for me to be sitting around. I started going to a stretch and conditioning class on Sunday mornings, run by a ballet teacher. We do lots of stretches and strengthening exercises. It feels really good to get back into that; I used to do ballet but haven't danced for about five years now. I have also started running three times a week using the Couch to 5K program. It's an app for your iPod or iPhone that basically teaches you how to run over nine weeks. You always start with a five minute walk to warm up, then it tells you to run. The first week you run for 60 seconds, then walk for 90, and repeat six times. It will tell you to walk for five minutes to cool down and then stretch. Each week the amount you run increases so that ideally by the end of the program you are able to run for 5K, or 30 minutes. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting some cardio exercise or wanting to improve their fitness level.

Running has also made me realise the importance of exercise for those with CF. I don't have any lung issues as far as I'm aware, and when I run I definitely feel my lungs burning and it feels as though they are being cleared out. Victor's CF team have told me that it is important for him to get exercise as it does help to clear the lungs and just keep him fit and strong in general, which would help when/if he gets a lung infection. Now that I'm doing it myself, I can really feel the benefit and understand how it would help to clear and strengthen the lungs.

Felix has been working on his Halloween craft but we still have a lot to do before Halloween tomorrow! We are giving playgroup a miss today because his nose is running like a tap and I don't want anyone else to catch it, but he is still well enough to stay home and do a few last projects with me. Today I want to do some papier-mache and start making the boys' costumes. We just got back from the shop to pick up a few last Halloween items and Felix had a bit of an emotional breakdown when we got home, so I'm guessing he really doesn't feel well at all. He is still interested in doing a bit of craft and painting and is riding a little car around the house so I think he'll be fine, he just needs some rest.

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