Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Study Check Up

Today Victor had a check up with the researchers and doctor overseeing the research for the study he is taking part in. The study is to see if taking a particular antibiotic prevents a certain type of lung damage.

My Aunt came with me to PMH this morning to look after Felix, and Victor and I went to the respiratory department with a box of last month's study medication. It was a pretty simple check up; they asked how he has been going, took observations such as breathing rate, pulse and temperature; listened to his chest etc. They did a throat swab which was a first for us. I made him laugh while they took a swab of the back of his throat with what looked like a long cotton tip. He was fine with that, it was very quick and he didn't cry.

We weighed and measured him: he is 7.1kg and 66cm long! He is growing well. I got a new box of medication and diary cards to fill out and it was no easy task lugging Victor, a diaper bag and a cardboard box full of medicine up to the next floor to meet Felix and my Aunt.

I also found out something very surprising; we actually receive payment as part of the study. It's meant to be compensation for petrol used and the inconvenience of participating (I really can't think of anything worth paying us for, it's hardly inconvenient and we are a twenty minute drive from the hospital). They have decided the best way to pay the families participating in the study is in a lump sum at the end of the year. Since this was our last appointment for the year, that was today! It was not a small fortune or anything like that but it's money that will definitely come in handy during the lead up to Christmas. Especially since we haven't actually started shopping! It's still November so I don't need to start panicking yet...

After our morning at PMH we went to McDonald's for lunch. Felix was beyond tired at this point as he woke up at 5am this morning so he needed some cheering up. He had the best time at the playground there. I realise that I give a lot of treats to Felix for spending time at the hospital with us and he is really the one reaping the rewards out of this whole situation, but honestly I think he is affected by his brother having cystic fibrosis just as much as Victor is, but in a different way. I'm not sure how much he actually understands of the whole situation, but he will understand more as he gets older and I know it will continue to have an impact on his life. And for the time being, Victor has no clue that anything is happening at all. He is happy to play with his big brother and cuddle.

The boys in the bath, about an hour ago. Bad quality picture taken with my phone.

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