Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day. This year was very special as it's Victor's first Christmas, and Felix's first as a big brother.

The lead up to Christmas started a month in advance with the arrival of a very cool advent calendar made by their Aunty Lulu.

Inside each box was either a small toy or chocolate/jellybeans. The toys included finger puppets, a toy hedgehog, a mini ceramic mug with Santa on it, toy cars and Christmas tree ornaments. I think I was just as excited and curious as they were each day to see what would be inside the next parcel.

Felix and I did a little bit of Christmas craft, not as much as I'd like because we moved house in early December so we were a bit too busy. We still made a paper chain, a wrapping-paper tree, and Felix did lots of stamping with Christmas-themed stamps and paint.

Felix was very excited about Santa's arrival and has practically memorized 'The Night Before Christmas' (really, he's pretty good).

Looks like they got on Santa's nice list this year!

Our little tradition is to have apple muffins for breakfast on Christmas morning, which lead to a bit of an issue when Phil made them this morning. The pavlova which had been sitting in the oven all night to cool may have been cooked twice when he went to pre-heat the oven...whoops. Luckily it turned out alright!

We headed out to my aunt and uncle's house for lunch with all the family, and had the traditional hot turkey and ham in 40 degree heat (that's 103 Fahrenheit).

Christmas continued into Boxing Day as usual, as we headed over to my Dad's house for Christmas round 2. Ham, salads, and a mountain of desserts followed by a swim in the pool. It was Victor's first real swim, and the first time Felix really started getting the idea of kicking his legs to swim. I have a feeling we'll be back to visit here a lot more now that the summer is really starting to heat up!

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