Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our New House

We have been in our new house almost a week now, and I love it! Obviously things have been very busy over here so I have barely been on the internet at all but now I am trying to catch up.

We still have boxes to unpack and we're living in a vague sort of chaos but we're getting there slowly. The house has new carpet and paint, a large back yard for the boys to play in (including a big undercover area so they can even go out in the rain, and a vegetable garden), and it's close to family, friends, and walking distance to schools and shops. Love it!

The best part of all is that we're renting this place from my aunt and uncle, so we have a feeling of security knowing that this will probably be our house for a few years at least and that any maintenance issues will be resolved immediately. And it also means we have the freedom to treat this place like our own: we wall-mounted the TV (for both safety and aesthetic reasons), we can put pictures up on the walls, secure tall furniture to the walls, put up shelves, curtain rods, change light fittings, put grass down in the garden. All the little things that you can never usually do in a rental but really make it feel more like home (and in the case of securing furniture to walls etc, a safety issue with small children!).

I still can't believe this amazing opportunity has come our way. We are so grateful and feel very lucky.

The past few weeks have been crazy: I stupidly packed up the kitchen quite early so we've been living off take away food and microwave junk for a few weeks now. I made roast chicken and vegetables last night though, so back to normal life please!

Felix has his train table in his bedroom now, which he loves. In fact, all of his toys are in there...just! I really want to get some kind of storage unit for his toys and books.

Victor's room is looking a bit packed with all the furniture in it, including things we don't use (like the bassinet) so I am going to sort it out and put some things into our storage room...yes, we actually have a storage room. Finally. 

Both the boys have adjusted really well and haven't seemed to have noticed the change. They are both sleeping like usual and everything's normal during the day so that's a relief.

We have also left it until now to start Christmas shopping and preparation, mostly because we didn't want to cart more than we had to between houses during the move. So Felix and I have not done the Christmas craft I was planning! But we have some Christmas stamps and good-quality Christmas-coloured cardstock so we did some stamping the other day. I also picked up some themed fabric and will be making some decorations, and Felix picked out some adhesive foam letters and has been having lots of fun sticking those to paper to make a letter collage. Oh well, the supplies will still be here next year I guess!

And today we saw Santa...

Felix was a little overwhelmed but went and sat next to him. Victor was ready for a nap and seemed to like the fact that he was snuggled into velvet cushions!


  1. My 8 year old was reading over my shoulder here and asked if you guys in Australia still had Christmas, even in the sun(So cute)! I told him it's still December 25! And I suppose I could look it up, but I'd rather ask you: does it get cold and snow there?

    1. Haha yes we certainly have Christmas, but no snow here! December 25 is the middle of summer! This year the weather forecast is 40C (104F) and sunny. Our winter is June-August and it doesn't get cold enough to snow unfortunately. Some areas of Australia do get snow in the winter but not where I am.


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