Saturday, December 29, 2012

We're Melting...

We are currently going through a heatwave and the temperatures are stifling, energy-draining, and unusually for Perth, fairly humid. There's not much we can do but wait it out. The extreme temperatures should go down by the new year but we'll have more of it in the months to come. I am more of a cold-weather girl so this is just about all I can take. Victor seems to be bothered by the heat too, although Felix doesn't seem to mind.

Our new house has ducted air conditioning, which is evaporative. It helps a lot, especially if you are sitting down and resting in a place right under the vent, but it doesn't lower the temperature in the house by much. In the back yard we have a large undercover area with a ceiling fan, which is where Felix has been playing when he wants to go outside, although I do keep him inside for most of the day.

So far our strategy is to crank up the air conditioning system, do plenty of water play outside, eat icy poles and watermelon, and shut the blackout curtains in an attempt to keep the hot sun out.

I will never forget the summer of 2009-2010, when Phil and I lived in Geraldton. It's about five hours north of here and much hotter. I was almost due with Felix and was about the size of a small island, our house had no air conditioning (we eventually did get a small portable unit) and the temperatures were frequently within 40-45C. (That's 104-113F). I resorted to wetting cloth, such as wash cloths or small towels, and freezing them. Then I would put the frozen cloth on the back of my neck and on my forehead, and try to not move much.

We haven't quite reached that stage yet, and I am looking hopefully at the weather reports telling me that things should cool down by the middle of next week.

Poor little Victor has been uncomfortable and sweaty though. I actually noticed what looked like a fine, white powder in his hair the other day, and I realised it was salt from his sweat. He is tasting extremely salty these days. Saltier than the ocean. It must be because he's been sweating, although it really started becoming noticeable a few months ago. I washed his hair that night but the next day it was full of salt again. His hair is quite dark so the white salt is easy to see if you look closely. I hope it becomes less noticeable as his hair gets longer!

Any other ideas to help us stay cool?

Victor eating watermelon in his little mesh feeder, watching Felix run around outside.

I have no idea why Felix is standing in the flower bed. Please excuse the mess as we're still organizing the back yard!


  1. I don't have any ideas on keeping cool... its always very hard.

    Just watch victor and the loss of salt, which i'm sure you are already fully aware of but apart from cramping, i used to get very agro/cranky when i had lost too much salt.

    I used to use some kind of electrolyte powder mixed into a glass of water. now i'm just on pure salt replacement tablet... which are horrible because they don't float in water... so when you pop 2 or 3 in your mouth, have drink of water to swallow them... they just sit there on your tongue tasting fantastic..

  2. Good point with the loss of salt thing. He is on a salt supplement which is a liquid (which he seems to enjoy, probably because it also has a fair amount of sugar in it too), and I add a bit of salt to his baby food. I hope it's enough. I also try to keep him cool so he's not sweating a whole lot. Those salt tablets sound horrible! It's so difficult because you're always taught to not give babies and small children any salt...and now I have to give Victor salt, and I'm trying to find the balance.


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