Friday, May 31, 2013

We Made It!

We made it to Seattle! The journey was long and exhausting and frustrating and horrible. It's not something I am willing to repeat for a very long time! In fact, when we boarded the third plane at LA for the last leg, Phil and I both announced that we are NEVER doing this trip again! But, we made it all in one piece. We found that travelling with children actually has some benefits: security personnel simply waved us through customs and we got put right to the front of the line in most cases. Even in America, one of the most security-conscious places on the planet, they didn't want screaming children in a queue. I was particularly worried about entering the country with so much medication, but it was never a problem. No one even looked at it til the very last leg, a short domestic flight, and then all they did was open the bag, glance at it, and then swab down the inside of the bag. All that worry for nothing!

We finally arrived in Seattle and although they were tired, the boys were very happy to see their Grandma. Victor held his arms out to her immediately, as if she saw him every day. Felix was very sleepy and took a few minutes to gain his bearings but as soon as we got to her house he was back to his usual self. It's so strange being back here: we lived here for over a year and have been gone about a year and a half now. In some ways everything is the same and it feels like we've been here the whole time, but then there are little differences that make me realise things have changed since we've been gone. I do miss living here but it's really not a viable option for us, especially not now.

So was it worth the huge journey to come here? It's only the end of our first day but I can say yes, absolutely. Family is so important and we want to make sure the boys retain a close bond with their family. Victor is meeting some family members for the first time, and they haven't seen Felix since he was only a bit older than Victor is now. Phil is in his home country with his family, who he doesn't get to see very often at all. We are also able to relax here after a very full-on year! I think those are all valid reasons for making the trip over here.

I hope to get some photos up soon. It's midnight here and I am writing this on the iPhone so my apologies for any spelling errors! I heard there's going to be pancakes in the morning so I am off to bed right now (and I know my Australian friends will be horrified to know that yes, we all had donuts for breakfast today! It's the American dream!).


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