Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Nuby Icybite Keys Teether

I've been exhausted lately because Victor is not sleeping well. And not only is he not sleeping well, he is cranky during the day. Finally I discovered the cause: molars coming through! Sharp little spikes have broken through the gum on one side, and it looks like the other side is about to match. No wonder he's been so miserable, I'm getting sympathy pains myself just thinking about it.

I believe the best remedy for teething pain is a good old-fashioned teether. Babies naturally want to bite down to relieve the pressure of those erupting teeth. The Nuby Icybite Keys Teether is absolutely perfect for the job! I popped it in the fridge for a few hours while Victor had a nap to make sure it got nice and cold, giving his poor little gums extra relief.

Each key is filled with pĂ»rICE™, a gel-like substance that stays colder longer than water, which is non-toxic. The surface of the entire teether is textured to help the teeth pop through the gum comfortably and the bright colours definitely attracted Victor and made him want to play with it. In fact, even Felix wanted to play with it...although at three, his teething days are over (instead he wanted to open locks with the keys!).

Since Victor has his front teeth now and needs relief for his molars, he was less interested in the keys themselves and gravitated toward the handle instead. This was the perfect shape for him to hold and chew at the same time, and he was able to reach the molars easily. I wonder if the teether would be even better if some of the keys were different shapes, making it look more like a jangly set of keys?

The Nuby Icybite Keys Teether is very easy to wash, which is important for a toy designed for babies to chew on, and seems very sturdy. This is a toy that will last from the first baby tooth til the final, and probably beyond that. The chunky design makes it easy for little hands to hold. I have been putting it in the fridge overnight so it gets nice and cold and then putting it out with a few of Victor's other toys in the morning. He always goes for it so he is clearly a fan! It's also small enough to throw in the nappy bag but the bright colours and distinctive shape means that it doesn't get lost in there, making it perfect for outings.

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