Friday, August 9, 2013

Winter Fevers

This winter we have almost been hermits. Last winter Felix caught cold after cold, and I really want everyone to stay healthy this year. I didn't actually intend to stay home so much lately, but we've almost been forced to, because almost all of our friends and family have been sick. The germs are making the rounds. So, we've had lots of quiet days at home, days visiting with the few who have managed to avoid sickness this winter, the library when it's quiet, the shop out of necessity. And so far the boys have stayed pretty healthy.

But, our good luck couldn't last forever, and on Sunday evening Felix developed a fever which soared up to 40.5C (104.9F) in the middle of the night. He had no other symptoms, but he was so tired and miserable. Giving him medicine is not easy either, but I had to insist...I am really not comfortable with a fever that high.

The next day he barely moved from the couch, except when he actually asked to go to bed and had a nap. He took maybe two bites of food all day.

His fever kept rising up to 40C, and I was on the phone to Health Direct (a free nursing line) several times that day, but then on Tuesday morning he woke up seeming much brighter. The fever was much lower and he seemed happier in himself. We went to see the doctor anyway for a follow-up, and she could see that his throat was a bit red and he probably has a virus, but it's nothing serious and he's clearly getting better.

Of course Victor then caught it! I was getting him dressed on Wednesday morning when I noticed he was covered in little goosebumps, even though it wasn't cold. I quickly got his clothes on and he put his head down on my lap and fell asleep! His fever has stayed pretty low, but he is clearly tired and uncomfortable and has been off his food. Luckily he is much better at taking medicine so I have been able to give him ibuprofen as needed. I'm just glad there have been no respiratory symptoms.

Fevers are funny my experience they come on fast and with intensity. Felix is a very healthy child, and when he gets a fever it seems to develop out of nowhere and run high, but then it's over as suddenly as it started. It's like the striking of an internal match that is quickly blown out again.

The kids are both still feeling a bit emotionally fragile as I think the worst is over but they still don't feel completely well yet. Victor screamed his head off when he got too near a large plastic representation of Steve Irwin on a shopping centre ride today, but then again, who can blame him really.

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