Monday, December 16, 2013

The Tale of the Two Front Teeth

Felix has been attending a three-year-old program at his future school for a few weeks now. It's one afternoon a week where the children attend with their parents and get accustomed to school. They'll do a few art activities, play outside, and come back in for a story and songs. It's been great and Felix loves it, and he's even more excited now about starting school next year.

On the final day, he went with Phil and my mum, because I was taking Victor to his usual clinic visit at PMH. When I finally arrived home at 6pm, I noticed a line of dried blood between his top tooth and the gum. Phil explained that he'd bumped it on a chair at school. Felix said it still hurt, and it was difficult for him to eat. He'd slipped and came crashing down on the chair directly on his top teeth, as if he were biting it.

The next day, it looked worse. The top gum was bruised, a dark purple colour, so I took him to see the dentist. This was his first ever dental visit, and he was a bit nervous, but the hygienist was very nice and took the time to explain everything to him. She had a look and agreed that the bruising was pretty bad. She decided he needed an x-ray to see if the tooth had moved at all, become fractured, and basically just to get a clearer view. He did so well...stayed nice and still, and we had our x-ray.

The good news is that the tooth hasn't appeared to have moved at all, and we couldn't see a fracture. This is great, because we certainly don't want the baby tooth to be pushed up against the adult tooth and possibly cause issues with his permanent teeth. She decided it just looked like soft tissue damage, but we booked in to come back again in two weeks' time.

So, two weeks later, he was back in the chair. The bruising has healed up really well and he's not having any more pain from it. He's able to eat normally again. The bad news is that the tooth, and the one next to it, now looks slightly discoloured; a pale grey. This could mean that the nerve of the tooth has died or become damaged, which leads to that grey colour. The best case scenario is that this means nothing. He continues on with life, the tooth eventually falls out and is replaced with the permanent one. The worst case scenario is that he could develop a chronic or recurrent infection in that tooth, which could affect the permanent one waiting above it. There's just no way to predict at this point what might happen.

Our plan is to visit the dentist one last time this coming week, and if the tooth has discoloured even further then they will refer us to a pediatric dentist. This could mean the tooth needs to come out...but that's getting way ahead of ourselves. It probably just means we need to keep an eye on it and have the tooth-extraction conversation if problems ever arise down the track. If we do get a referral, it will be good to get a second opinion anyway and learn more about what's happened.

Have I ever mentioned I'm terrified of the dentist? Yeah, I am. I'm not afraid of any other medical procedure...needles, blood, guts, surgery...don't care. There's just something about the dentist that I just can't stand. The last time I went I was given a prescription for Valium for the next visit (and I never went back!) So you should see me hold it together in that dental office for Felix. I am the perfect image of a calm, dental-loving mother. I could pass for someone who sees the dentist for fun. I could win an Oscar for my performance in there. Although, to be fair, all they've really done is look with a mirror and taken an x-ray. They haven't brought out the big guns that originate from my darkest nightmares. That little scrapey metal hook....can't even deal. But, I am determined to not pass my fears onto him.

So that's what's been going on lately. I'm really hoping that nothing eventuates from this. Add the suspected spider bite he got on his leg the other week and the poor boy has been through the wars! Aside from that we're good. Just enjoying our last few weeks together full-time before he goes off to school...the end of an era.

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