Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Felix's First Day of School

This day finally arrived: Felix had his first day at Kindy today.

After all the thinking and over-thinking, preparing, discussing, and reading, it's been and gone.

Felix was very excited to go to school today. We drove there because it was too hot to walk. We found his classroom, and put his hat and water bottle in his own little basket with his name on it. With every child and parent in the room, things were chaotic, but I got him settled in. It was time to leave, so I gave him a hug and told him I'd be there to pick him up at 2.55pm.

The parents were herded out the classroom door, and we all just sort of stood there, trying to spy on our children. What are they doing now? Are they ok? Are they lost?

I saw Felix busy with an activity at a table, so I left.

Victor and I got a bit of cleaning done at home, and then it was time to pick Felix up from school. (He only goes during the afternoon on Wednesdays).

He had a great day at school, and he spent the rest of the evening telling us everything that he did there. He described the blocks, the toy animals with the little fences, the sandpit, the book they read, the picture he drew, the fruit they had for afternoon tea, and the water play (of course, he came home soaking wet from water play!).

I asked his teacher how he went and she said he was totally fine. I knew he would be, but at the same time you still worry. As a parent you imagine the worst. But that's silly. He was great, and he's excited to go back tomorrow morning.

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