Friday, February 21, 2014

Show Me Friday: Where I Like to Write

I have a desktop computer so obviously each blog post is written in the same location. It's a pretty uninspiring one: a small Ikea desk shoved into the corner of the kitchen/dining room. Any scrap of space not taken up with the computer is covered in bits of paper, sunglasses, empty coffee cups, random spoons that Felix likes to give me, and sometimes long-lost treasures trapped between the edge of the desk and the wall. I like to keep the rest of the house relatively tidy, but for some reason this little forgotten corner always escapes. Pretty gross, actually, so let's just not think about that any more.

So instead of where I like to sit and write, here is what I like to write on. Or in. This is my 2014 diary, more of a master book for the entire year that will be filled with appointments and notes and Very Important snippets of information and essential papers that I can't lose. I get a new diary every year, always week to an opening, and I keep every single one of them because they are goldmines of information. Need to find that recipe? 2010 Diary. What's the number for that doctor that we use for backup in case we can't see the regular doctor? Check in the back of the 2012 Diary.

I do try to transfer as much information as I can to each new diary, but there's limited space so I can't write everything. This year I am using a Kikki K diary. It's visually appealing with lots of spaces to write all that extra info. This one even has special pages in between each month with a writing or drawing prompt...very cute, but honestly, I'm not 100% sold on that yet. Although I love going back through old diaries and seeing what I was getting up to back then, so maybe I will come to love those extra pages.

Do you use a paper diary? A calendar app? Or just your own memory?

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