Friday, February 7, 2014

Show Me Friday: My Most Prized Possession

I've thought about this post all day. What is my most prized possession? I'm not a person who really values objects. I don't require an object to recall a memory, and I don't hoard items for sentimental reasons. We have moved a lot--including overseas and back again--and most of our possessions didn't make it with us. As a consequence, I've had to be pretty brutal with getting rid of things that are not necessary, or things that can be replaced later on.

I thought a lot about things that I value. It would have to be something small, because I'm not impressed by wealth or status symbols (erm...not that I have any).

The thing is, most things are replaceable. I thought about what I'd be devastated to lose in a fire, and really, I just couldn't think of anything that stood out as the thing to grab (besides the family, obviously! But we're talking about things here, not living people).

Finally, I realised that the most sentimental thing I most prized possession...was right here with me the whole time.

This is my engagement ring. It was also my Grandma's engagement ring. She passed away almost four years ago, and I've been wearing this ring ever since. That makes it doubly meaningful to me: sentimental as all engagement rings are, and also as a reminder of my Grandma. My grandparents were married for over fifty years. I hope Phil and I will be as happy as they were.

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