Monday, February 17, 2014

The Do-Nothing, Too-Tired Day

You know those days where you wake up tired and just don't want to do anything? Yep, that was me today. The sort of day where there is just not enough coffee in the world, where you can't gather the motivation to do anything. You just do the bare minimum and tell yourself that tomorrow you'll do better.

We have a very busy week coming up, so I don't feel bad that we stayed home all day today. And I only feel a little bit bad that I finally got out of pyjamas at some point in the afternoon. (And then put on clothes that I do, actually, wear to bed some nights.)

It's hard to feel this way when you're home with the kids all day. There's no one to pick up the slack and they are dependent on you for everything, so you have to put in at least some effort. There are no days off for the stay at home parent.

The boys spent the day playing blocks and cars in the living room, running around in the back yard, and eating little sandwiches and cut up fruit. The beds got made, and I did tidy up the kitchen, so it wasn't a total write-off.

I'm currently reading one of my old favourites, Insomnia by Stephen King. It's a massive chunk of a book and it starts out pretty slowly, but last night I got to the part where it starts to get really interesting (according to Goodreads, that's 29% of the way through!). That probably had something to do with my laziness today: firstly, by causing me to stay up late reading last night; and secondly, because my mind is stuck in the Insomnia world and I was desperate to get back there all day. I read this book when I was about fifteen and instantly loved it. I've thought about it almost constantly since then. Thanks to Phil spotting a copy at a second hand bookshop, I finally own it. Even if it does smell strongly of mothballs.

Anyway, that's my approach to lazy days with kids at home: bring some toys out, set the coffee machine to STUN, cut up a plate of kid-friendly snack food and get settled in for the day. This also works really well if you're sick. We all need our quiet days now and then, and that includes kids.

I'm going to make some oatmeal muffins for breakfast tomorrow, and then I'll finally sit down with some tea and cake and Insomnia. Every day has its reward, even the ones that don't really deserve it.

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