Thursday, February 20, 2014

Victor's Clinic Check Up: February 2014

Today was a massive day for us and I feel like I haven't been home at all today. Victor had his usual three-monthly cystic fibrosis clinic checkup in the afternoon and Felix was at school for a full day, so Phil took the day off from work to help me out.

We all walked to school together in the morning, and then Phil, Victor and I went grocery shopping (so much easier with two adults!).

After that, it was time to go to clinic. Phil stayed home so he could pick Felix up, and I went on my own with Victor.

First was a little checkup for the drug study Victor is taking part in, which is basically just weighing and measuring him, something we do anyway. Then we went upstairs and saw Victor's doctor and the physiotherapist. Everything is going really well and Victor is very healthy. The only point of concern is that Victor didn't gain any weight since the last checkup three months ago. This could be for a few reasons, so at the moment we're not going to do anything, besides the usual high-fat, high-calorie diet. We're going to see what happens next clinic and then figure out if anything else needs to be done. Overall his weight gain has been good, so having one little plateau is not a reason for us to start jumping up and down. We also started him on an additional Vitamin D supplement, which is pretty standard amongst CF patients. His vitamin levels were good about a year ago but we just want to be sure we're covering all bases.

We were even out in record time: one of the lovely researchers took our prescription to pharmacy while we were still in the physio appointment so they were able to get a head start on getting our meds together. We ended up being there for only four hours, which is pretty good! Victor was at his limit and bored and cranky by the end, which is pretty understandable.

After clinic, waiting for meds to be ready.

Overall it's been a very long and exhausting day, but at least it went well! And I even managed to sneak out to the bookstore for a few essentials.

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