Monday, May 12, 2014

I Was Featured on BlogHer

Did I tell you? A post I wrote, Mind Your Words, was chosen to be featured on BlogHer. The title was changed and a picture added, which is fine by me, because I can't think of titles to save my life. That's why all the titles I come up with are crap. I really struggle with it. Anyway, you can imagine how excited I was! VERY. I skipped around the house and was totally unable to do anything else for the rest of the night. I just bounced around and kept asking Phil, 'are you impressed? Isn't this amazing?' He agreed that yes, super impressive, yes, so amazing, now please calm down. I did not.

Eventually the comments came rolling in. Yes! People are actually reading things I wrote AND responding to it! Then I read the comments. Whaa...?

Ok, so, not everyone is going to like the things I write. I'm totally fine with that. I did feel that a lot of the comments missed the point of my post completely, but whatever. Some people got really angry with me. One person instructed me to run my computer over with my car. Don't think I'll be taking that advice. I mean, my computer is pretty clunky and slow, but how else am I going to unintentionally rile up complete strangers?

Still, I learned from the experience. I think it was probably posted in the wrong 'section'. It was posted under the Blogging/Social Media section, and I can see why that may have fit, but I think it would have been better received if it had been posted in the Family/Special Needs section. I think that the post really had less to do with how people conduct themselves over social media, and more about being sensitive to special needs families and considering your audience.

I also realised that most of the readers (all of the readers?) had not read my blog and did not know anything about me or my family. So the post probably came across as sounding quite weird. I also had commenters ask if I had a sick/special needs/disabled child. I think if I'd made it clear that I am the parent of a child with a chronic illness, it might have added a bit of context. I had originally written the post for this blog, and people who read my blog know about us. If they're new readers, I've made it simple to find out our background (Start Here). But when the post made its way to another platform, that context didn't follow along with it.

Ironic that a post I wrote about being careful what we say and who we are saying it to taught me the same lessons that I'd been trying to describe.

Of course, the comments weren't all negative. There were a lot of positive comments in there too, people who understood what I was trying to say and who could relate for a variety of reasons.

I welcome all feedback on my writing. The negative comments could have been a little more constructive, but it helped me understand my audience and improve my writing. And you know what? I have another post being featured this Wednesday!

Overall, though, I just hope that I can make a connection to others through my writing. Because that's really what blogging is about: community.
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