Friday, December 5, 2014

Plug and Feather Stone Face Watches

Two years ago, two friends and watch enthusiasts from Santa Monica were frustrated by the lack of unique, commercially-available watches. They decided to fill this niche by creating Plug and Feather Stone Face Watches, a spectacular and elegant fusion of unique semi-precious stones and 21st Century timepiece technology. The result is a beautiful and distinctive watch, each one unique and with its own story to tell.

The face of the watch is crafted using Plug and Feather’s StoneStable technology to ensure the stone’s durability. As each stone is a piece of nature, no two watches will be the same: each stone face has the distinctive markings and inclusions unique to each stone. Using these stones as watch faces is an original concept and the result is an eye-catching, yet sophisticated timepiece.

You have the choice of several different stone faces, each sourced from a different international location. There’s Sodalite, a serene, royal blue stone first discovered in Greenland; Cloud Jasper, a marbled milky-white stone sourced from China; Charoite, a distinctively textured lavender coloured stone, sourced primarily from Siberia; Snowflake Obsidian, an offbeat mottled stone created from rapidly-cooling volcanic lava; and Carnelian, which has a delicate cherry shade and boasts a long history of use in jewellery dating back to ancient times.

Each beautiful stone is the star of the watch, placed in an elegant and simple setting so as not to detract from each stone’s beauty. The watches are available with either a steel or genuine leather oil-tanned strap for either a modern or vintage look.

Now, after two years of research and design, Plug and Feather are finally ready to launch these stunning watches. Using the Kickstarter platform, Plug and Feather are hoping to raise enough to fund their first line of watches. Kickstarter works by raising money through online pledges, but people backing the company are only charged if Plug and Feather reach their goal. Because of the great start the Kickstarter campaign has had after less than 24 hours, Kickstarter backers are being given a heavily discounted rate on the watches: only $99 instead of the usual retail price of $300. Backers are also offered free shipping within the USA and discounted international shipping.

Plug and Feather Stone Face Watches appeal to the traveller, the geologist, the nature enthusiast, the person who values uniqueness and creativity, or the person who appreciates beauty and quality craftsmanship. With your help, Plug and Feather can take the final step into making their dream a reality.

To pledge your support for this Kickstarter campaign, go to the Plug and Feather Kickstarter Campaign Page. By backing this project, you are eligible to receive rewards as well as receive a discounted rate for your very own one-of-a-kind, original Plug and Feather Stone Face Watch.

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